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In order to allow the space released to continue the activity of the plant, Aldara Construcciones has begun the restoration and adaptation works of the former Los Apares quarry, as a landfill for the removal of non-recyclable waste from the Classification and Treatment Plant. Waste from Construction and Demolition (RCDs) that Inertes Treatment Center Castilla La Mancha, SL has in Pantoja (Toledo). Los Apares is a cadastral plot of rustic, located in the municipality of Cobeja (Toledo), with an area of ​​close to 35,000 m2 and a capacity of more than 187,000 tons. (more than 133,800m3). An investment of close to € 470,000 will enable the landfill, consisting of three cells and a raft for leachates, with an annual capacity of 16,560 m3 / year, which translates into an estimated useful life of 9 years. The waste that you will receive, according to current legislation, is classified as non-hazardous. The preliminary studies to the project of Pedro Núñez León, Technical Engineer of Mines, have concluded that the base of the clay quarry meets as a natural geological barrier for this type of landfill (landfill of non-hazardous waste), so that only the construction of an artificial geological barrier, thicker than 0.5m, on the sides of the landfill. The waterproofing of the bottom and sides of each pouring cell, as well as the leachate basin, will be done with a high density polyethylene (HDPE) coating of 2mm on a 200gr / m2 antipuncture geotextile; As a layer of drainage under the layer of waste to be dumped, the sands excavated from the clay farm itself will be used. Aldara will also make perimeter fencing and access gate; adaptation of the mining gap and distribution of spill cells by earthworks; leachate collection and storage raft with leak detection system; waterproofing of three waste containment cells; perimeter system for rainwater evacuation; control and pumping of leachate wells, as well as perimeter piezometers for the control and analysis of groundwater. As they are sealed each of the cells or work phases and once the total sealing of the entire landfill has been completed, its useful life will be completed, revegetation will be carried out and maintenance and control will be carried out, in order to ensure its correct long-term landscape integration.