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As a cornerstone of our growth and development policy, we are firmly committed to construction project management from the outset. In this sense we deliver innovative solutions for their optimum implementation in the engineering and financing fields.

We cover all construction areas:

  • Tertiary - Offices
  • Commercial
  • Industrial-Logistics
  • Residential
  • Institutional
  • Infrastructures
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Customer satisfaction is our top priority, thus aiming to build your trust and relationship, and to achieve it we have four basic pillars: Excellence & Quality, Dynamism, Strength, and Human Capital.

  • Excellence and quality in all our activities.
  • Dynamism and initiative to develop new business lines.
  • The solidity of a financially-sound company with prudent management.
  • Highly qualified team.


At ALDARA we are convinced that people are who make the difference, therefore our strategy is designed to attract, train and develop talent, seeking the growth of the business and the people within it.

We have a management team with extensive experience in the construction sector. All our professionals are highly skilled in their activities, as well as having updated and ongoing training that ensures quality in every construction stage.

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ALDARA BUILDING CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURES, LTD. is an organization where the management systems, based on international standard, are applied as an added value in their construction processes.

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and safety at work
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system
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The improvement policy in ALDARA BUILDING & INFRAESTRUCTURES, LTD is focus on:

  • Preventing damages and health deterioration of its workers and collaborators, as well as minimizing and eliminating risks and hazards.
  • The environmental care, including the pollution prevention, the minimization of the environmental impact and the sustainability.
  • The customers and stakeholders’ satisfaction and the continuous improvement.

In the whole process of industrial, residential or service sector construction that the Company builds for private and public clients.

ALDARA BUILDING & INFRAESTRUCTURES, LTD gets the commitment that all the staff follows and makes to follow the rules and requirements that the law, our customers, the stakeholders and we suggest us.

This is our reference to determine and supervise the goals set for every activity that ALDARA BUILDING & INFRAESTRUCTURES, LTD makes, focus on the construction sector, and aligning with the company's business strategy.

The commitment of ALDARA BUILDING & INFRASTRUCTURE, LTD is to carry out a continuous improvement in all its activity process.

  • Managing the proper process, in an effective and efficient way
  • Analyzing risks and opportunities and making a fact the opportunities
  • Motivating the staff, and having the most pioneering resources
  • And finally, supervising the Works done.

ALDARA BUILDING & INFRASTRUCTURE, LTD considers as a guarantee of success, that all personnel are involved with the requirements of the Company, having in mind that their human resources and their collaborators are the most valuable capital to make real their projects.


ALDARA BUILDING & INFRASTRUCTURES, LTD has its own system to guarantee that the suppliers and subcontractors are looking for the excellence, according to the company quality standards.

All of collaborators have to pass the initial evaluation, where they works are scored from 0 to 10, being necessary to have more than 5 points to get the permit to work with us. It is compulsory that this standard was keep along the time to continue working for the company.

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