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Work begins on the apartment hotel awarded to ALDARA CI by Alta Real Estate, S.L. The complex will be built on a 10,874.04 m2 plot that is part of the "Valdelacasa" sector. This plot is located between two large avenues of the Polígono, Avenida Monte Valdelata and Avenida de Peñalara.

With a buildable area of 13,048.36 m2, a Hotel-Apartment will be built under the premises of optimal buildability use, rooms modularity, common areas flexibility and views predominance towards the Sierra de Guadarrama.

Due to the plot unevenness and the intention to enjoy the views, two platforms have been established with a difference between their levels equivalent to one floor. The transition between both platforms is made by means of grandstands. The building set is structured in two united blocks, each of them supported on one of the previously defined platforms.

The building perimeter is continuous, although it is staggered in height and broken in its plan layout. The complex is made up of 5 different buildings: two located in block 1, and three in block 2. The nucleus of vertical communication is placed in each of the "breaks" between buildings.

Four of the buildings have five floors above ground (ground + four) and the other, the smallest, located in the northeast, four floors (ground + three).

Block 1 contains two buildings, it is the one placed on the highest platform and where the main pedestrian access is located. This block has two floors below the ground level.

Block 2 contains three buildings, it is set in the lowest platform and has one basement floor.

The complex has three types of residential units, Studios of 20, 30.30 and 40.70 m2; The total number of units with this configuration is 389. It also has common areas such as: solarium, living-dining room-kitchen area, gardens, swimming pool, paddle tennis court, etc ...

The number parking spaces is 373, including 75 spaces on the surface and 298 spaces below ground, on two basement floors.