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We began construction works on a building with communal residential use, intended to host a student residence, commissioned by Alta Real Estate, S.L., on a 18,747 m2 plot located at Avenida del Talgo, 1 in Aravaca (Madrid).
The residence will be operated by NIDO on behalf of the owner, Round Hill Capital. Due to the slope of the plot, to improve and facilitate access, it will be done through Avenida del Talgo, creating in the basement floor -2 the common access and administration lobby area, which connects at "street" level with the outside, allowing users to access to the rest of the buildings.
The construction consists of 2 buildings with a total of 501 rooms, 231 rooms in Block 1 and 270 rooms in Block 2. In the blocks, sub-blocks are generated that are connected by glass walkways.
Each Block has 4 floors (ground floor + 3), plus an attic floor and a semi-basement floor that connects both buildings through a square, in which a series of common spaces are projected that serve the occupants of the building: private dining room , gaming TV room, games room, study rooms, gym and laundry.  On this floor there are arcade areas where common areas are located, such as the outdoor gym, play areas, summer cinema and different living areas for the users of the 2 buildings.
On the attic of Block 1, an outdoor terrace area has been designed for communal use, which is accessed from a common room.
The basement -1 has 129 car park spaces.
The arrangement of the blocks in the movement areas generates interior patios in each of the buildings, which allow lighting and ventilation of common spaces and the rooms that lead to them.
The general design of the buildings provides for the elimination of architectural barriers.